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http://www.idlife.com/talljeff Why IDLife is the Premier Home Business Model.

Let’s take a look at the direct sales, network marketing and home-based business industry…

22 countries with over $1 billion in sales each. 15.9 people in the US in direct sales, 91 million people worldwide. Wellness is the #1 product group. Direct sales resulted in $31 billion in US retail sales in 2012.

This validates the business model. It works!

We have partnered with IDLife as we believe it will revolutionize the way we approach health and wellness with individualized nutrition products custom made for the consumer!

The majority of home-based business owners are part-time along with their full-time job. It can be done and we teach and train our team members exactly how to do it. The business model works.

Get in touch with IDLife Founding Partner Jeff McGeary today at 215-801-5227 or jeff@talljeff.com. http://www.idlife.com/talljeff