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http://www.idlife.com/talljeff Most of us earn linear income over the course of our lifetime; I earn the same way in Corporate America. Essentially, linear income is trading hours (work) for a set amount of compensation (money). Our income to a large degree is determined by the amount of time we work.

With residual income we are compensated for what we start. We are paid over and over for a task we typically did one time, also called recurring income.

Enter network marketing and home-based businesses. This is the premier business model for people of all backgrounds — from students to construction workers to attorneys — to build residual income.

I am building my home-based business part-time, from home, along with a full-time job. It can be done and we teach and train our team members exactly how to do it.

Get in touch with IDLife Founding Partner Jeff McGeary today at 215-801-5227 or jeff@talljeff.com. http://www.idlife.com/talljeff