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One of the biggest MLM tips I could give you is this: Sorting works! We are looking for who is open and it works every time, here’s how…

Whether you are brand spankin’ new in network marketing or a seasoned vet looking to get things moving, the foundation of what we do is sorting. We are in the sorting business, not the selling business. By that I mean sorting in terms of who is simply OPEN. Let’s think about that…

You are fired up about your company and your product, you see the value; why wouldn’t someone want to promote your shake (or travel or juice or whatever) and make money!!? Now you can go out and simply push product and sell all day, it will work. If you move through enough numbers it can be done, but we are talking a massive amount of numbers. Another option is simply seeing if your prospects are OPEN.

Full post here… http://www.talljeff.com/mlm-tips-why-sorting-works/